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Blade Servers More Info
  • Simplify. Cut costs. Boost productivity. Go green. They're all priorities for IT, and they're all driving organizations to rethink their server strategies and become more receptive to new ways to use IT. Blades are the next-generation solution, promising improvements across the board. IBM BladeCenter's innovative, open design offers a true alternative to today's sprawling racks and overheated server rooms. So toss your cables and take the leap. Migrate to the blade solution that uses less energy and gives you more choices and control. You have nothing to lose but complexity. IBM BladeCenter is the right choice. Open. Easy. Green.
Blue Gene More Info
  • The IBM® Blue Gene®/P Solution is a follow-on product to the successful Blue Gene/L Solution, and adheres to the original key design points set forth in the Blue Gene/L Solution. Specifically, the Blue Gene family of supercomputers has been designed to deliver ultrascale performance within a standard programming environment while delivering efficiencies in power, cooling and floor-space consumption. Blue Gene/P extends the performance through density and frequency bump, 4-way SMP enhanced functionality, scalability for petaflop performance, and aggressive power management for low power consumption first established with the Blue Gene Solution.
Cluster Servers More Info
  • Scale out to meet your processing needs efficiently with IBM cluster building block solutions specifically designed for AIX®, Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® HPC Server 2008 operating systems.
Power Systems (System i, System p) More Info
  • Having a more dynamic infrastructure is all about selecting the right systems and software to enable your business to move with agility and speed. Getting there means implementing proven solutions on a platform you can trust will still be around when it’s time for you to upgrade.

    Chose Power and get world class performance plus dynamic infrastructure flexibility, continuous application availability and energy efficiency—well beyond what the competition can offer. And, it’s all provided through the IBM POWER™ platform architecture, proven to deliver on innovative technology generation after generation.
System x
More Info

To adapt and succeed in today’s dynamic business environment, you need a dynamic IT infrastructure. To be dynamic then means to be continually focused on:

  • infrastructure efficiency and reducing costs
  • responsiveness to the business and improving service
  • effectively managing risk to ensure security, scalability and availability

A dynamic infrastructure is smart—it takes advantage of the intelligence gained across the network and throughout your business to help you compete and excel.

System z Mainframe
More Info
  • Building the dynamic infrastructure involves more than innovative technology—it also needs an ecosystem of partners, skills, open source, technical support and more. Find out how IBM surrounds System z with the ecosystem you need to succeed.
Unix Servers
More Info
  • IBM has become the worldwide leader in UNIX systems revenue* through the consistent delivery of POWER™ processor-based systems with leadership performance and proven reliability. The confidence that IBM will deliver innovative UNIX technologies in a timely manner supports IT infrastructure planning to support business growth.
Linux Servers
More Info
  • Linux® and IBM have partnered to drive the open standards revolution, moving business beyond the limits of proprietary software and hardware solutions. The entire IBM Systems product line is Linux enabled, making it easy for any size business to take advantage of the power of open standards. And because Linux is an open operating system it benefits from a broad developer base, making it one of the fastest growing operating systems in the world. To simplify your business even further, Linux supports greater and growing interoperability between diverse software and hardware technologies, which leads to a reduction in IT management costs.
Intel Processor-based Servers
More Info
  • Intel® processor-based solutions are designed to deliver outstanding performance and availability while offering simplified management and easy scalability, all of which allow you to build a powerful, cost-effective IT infrastructure as your business grows. Available Intel Xeon®, Intel Core™2 Duo and Intel Celeron® processors give you more control and the flexibility to find the right amount of processing power at the right price point.
AMD Processor-based Servers
More Info
  • AMD Opteron™ processor-based servers from IBM take advantage of the unique capabilities of Opteron technology to help satisfy the compute-intensive demands of scientific, technical and financial applications. Available quad-core and dual-core AMD Opteron processors allow you to take advantage of superior performance at an affordable price point.