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BCS-IBM Bermuda Partners

Who We Are

For 40 years, BCS-IBM Bermuda Agency has offered Bermuda businesses unparalleled access to IBM’s wealth of industry-leading technology solutions and the world's largest consulting services practice, IBM Global Business Services.

BCS-IBM Bermuda Agency delivers solutions that help customers innovate - from software, storage, systems and servers to IT Services, Business Consulting, Application Development, Systems Integration and Managed Services

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News & Events

--> July 2014 - IBM Penetration Testing: Know your network's weaknesses and strengthen your defenses 

Penetration TestingFor organizations of any size, penetration testing is an absolute necessity. Regardless of whether it is driven by regulatory compliance, corporate liability concerns, or basic network hygiene, penetration testing is the foundation of enterprise security. It identifies vulnerabilities, validates existing controls, and, when done right, provides a roadmap for remediation.

IBM’s penetration testing services, which can be performed remotely - monthly, quarterly, or annually - can help you validate existing security controls and assist in quantifying real-world risks, providing you with a security roadmap for addressing weaknesses in your network environment.

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--> June 2014 - Meet the IBM Experts: Discussion on Managing Financial and Operational Risk

Across the financial industry, integrated risk management continues to be a challenge -- made even more pressing by regulations triggered in response to the global financial crisis. Financial practitioners are tasked with making split-second decisions by analyzing activity happening both within their corporations and from other market forces.

With solutions from IBM, companies can measure and assess operational risk associated with lending processes, market and credit risk exposures. Having this type of transparency and granular insight of financial risk in advance can help organizations meet new regulatory requirements and mitigate corporate risk.

Liam Cuddy and Jeff D’Avignon, who lead the IBM North American team focused on risk management solutions for the financial industry, will be in Bermuda for meetings Monday, June 2nd to Wednesday, June 4th.  If you miss these dates, you can still sign up here.

--> April 15, 2014 - CFO Executive Series Webinar: Pushing the Frontiers, CFO Insights from the Global C-suite Study

On Tuesday, April 15th at 2-3pm AST, Financial Executives International (FEI) and IBM invite you to find out how Finance organizations are making a bigger contribution to performance and profit than all the rest. As a follow-on to the 2013 Global C-suite Study, IBM has released the CFO’s perspective: Pushing the Frontiers: CFO Insights from the Global C-suite Study.

Based on 576 CFO interviews, the “Value Integrators” outperformed all the rest in measuring and monitoring business performance, managing risk and generating predictive insights. Now, for the first time, a fascinating subset of Value Integrators we call the “Performance Accelerators” are pushing the boundaries of efficiency, insight and growth with even more success.

Find out what sets the Performance Accelerators apart – and how your Finance organization can become one. Sign up here.

--> April 1, 2014 - CFO Executive Series Webinar: Protect Your Company's Data. What you need to know.

IT security issues are making headlines, and no organization wants to have its name associated with such an event. To help you understand the many threats to your IT network and availability of your information, and learn how to protect the integrity of your information, FEI Canada and IBM Canada have teamed up to bring you a webinar presented by experts. Read more and sign up.

--> March 2014 - Learn more about IBM's Hosted Exchange Cloud offering.

IBM Hosted Exchange Cloud offering is a multi-tenant, dedicated or managed infrastructure for organizations looking for increased reliability, features and functionality in their messaging and collaboration platform. IBM offers a full suite of products and services available on a per user/per month basis. Key features include:

  • Canadian data centres and 24x7 Canadian help-desk
  • 99.9% or 99.99% financially backed SLA on services
  • Unified administrative portal for all services
  • Full service migration
  • Third party integration to ensure current and future IT initiatives can be supported
  • Enhanced privacy and security, and data loss prevention
  • And many more....

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